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PinTwist Parties turns Pinners into Doers

In 2010 my best friend of 35 years was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was given a death sentence at diagnoses. As way to support her I wanted a way to take her mind off of her illness. I had been on Pinterest for a while but had never actually made any of the projects I had pinned, so I decided this would be something fun and different for us to do. Every Tuesday we would show up at Stephanie's home with all the supplies, a bottle or two of wine and get busy creating our chosen project.

As I went through this experience with Stephanie I realized other women could use a “Tuesday with Stephanie” in their life. Whether it be spending time with someone who is going through a divorce, illness, loss of job or just to gather with your girlfriends to create forever memories. I have a true passion to help others going through a difficult time to bond with close friends and creativity.

Thankfully my sweet little business now offers many creative options to bring people together to share forever memories. You can choose a private party or enjoy one of our public events.


Pinterest Night Out

We choose the best Pins from Pinterest and show you how to make them.

DIY Wood Painting Workshops

Create your very own funky farmhouse, shabby chic or timeless classic wood sign.

Private Parties

PinTwist Parties offers private parties, you can choose from our DIY Wood Sign Collection or host your very own Pinterest Night Out.

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